Experiences are the threads, formed by living and engaging life, which threads are spun and woven to create the rich tapestry of a lifetime – your life, “my life”.

Experiences.com is about the everyday stuff of life and the extra-ordinary or extraordinary moments: those of excitement, awe, wonderment, adventure and more.

Some experiences, such as those we call “adventures”, can make the everyday more bearable at times, and other times adventures make the everyday equally desirable. Those are the “there’s no place like home moments” that often follow adventures.

From our perspective there’s no place like home AND there’s no place like Yellowstone National Park or a hotair balloon ride or dinner overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Lahaina, Maui. We love it all. We embrace life.

What you will find here, at Experiences.com, are reviews, interviews, news and a great deal of information – in due course – about a great variety of experiences.

We hope if we come calling, to inquire or interview you about an experience that you or your company offers, that you will invite us in for tea and conversation.

Or, if the experience warrants it – say a hard day riding trail – something colder or stronger . . than tea. 🙂

Thanks and enjoy the ride.

Your hosts,

Jeff L.  (a/k/a The Old Man)
Kelsey L.  (a/k/a Young Ms. Adventure)