Off Road

"Climb into your Land Rover and feel the engine rev as you take on the Biltmore Esate on your Off Road Driving Experience!" Prepare to be unleashed on the Biltmore esate on your off road driving adventure. Get your adrenaline pumping as your Biltmore Off Road Driving Experience takes you tearing through some of the most beautiful land [...]

"Get ready to shake the earth as you tear through the Quail Lodge Estate on your 2 hour Off-Road Driving Lesson." There's nothing quite like climbing into a Land Rover and preparing to take off on a two hour, adrenaline rushing, off road adventure. It's time to get behind the wheel at Land Rover Experience Driving School and learn how [...]

"Experience the Thrill of an Off-Road Adventure in the Nevada Desert."Sure, when most people think of Nevada there are few things that come to mind other than Las Vagas. Who isn’t attracted by the glimmering lights and unlimited possibilities! The mystery becomes, why lies beyond this city of lights… Outside of its glittery walls, fancy [...]