Cooking Classes

"The Gourmet Cooking Class in Sonoma makes dinner a celebration as you learn new themes and recipes to wow your friends with at your next dinner party." The Gourmet Cooking Class in Sonoma provides you with a selection of culinary courses that broaden your cooking horizons and leave your taste buds for more. Spend your evening [...]

"Broaden your Culinary Horizons and Learn to Cook a Variety of Cuisine with this Reno Culinary Class." If you're tired of the same old cuisine, but have the desire to learn a new art of cooking, the Reno Culinary Class is waiting for you! This class has the potential to cover a broad variety of [...]

"Become inspired by the variety of 5-star restaurants in Las Vegas, and spice up your night as you create your own gourmet dishes with the Las Vegas Culinary Class." Of course all the 5-star restaurants boast the best food around, but why invest in a one night meal when you could learn the skills and [...]

"Gain hands on experience and hone your inner chef with the Napa Valley Cooking Class." Napa Valley is infamous for it's delectable variety of wine. However, few people realize the abundance and diversity of food this region has to offer. There are few better ways to experience wine, than to pair a glass of Pinot Grigio with [...]

"Broaden your Cooking Horizons and learn to cook food from around the world with the Ethnic Cooking Class in Pennsylvania." Enjoy a night out with you and a friend, and uncover the hidden wonders of ethnic food. Enjoy this unique Ethnic Cooking Class in Pennsylvania brought to you by the only Southeast Asian cooking school in [...]

"Learn the fine art of cooking in the comfort of your own home." The method in which you cook changes in every kitchen you enter. No two kitchens are exactly alike. This Private Couples Cooking Class lets you and your special someone take advantage of your own kitchen while you learn the art of gourmet [...]

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