Wine Tasting

"Unleash your senses and reveal the exquisite flavors in one glass of wine." Wine appreciation goes further than the taste.  There's body, color, smell, and many other tastefully delicious characteristics in a glass of wine. Learning how to taste wines provides you with a greater appreciation for both the wine glass, the vintner (wine maker), and [...]

"Hop on board for an assault mission of Lake Chelan Valley's diverse wineries." Tour the lush sprawling wineries of Lake Chelan Valley, Washington in a Pinzgauer, a high mobility all-terrain 4x4 military utility vehicle. Get ready to invade the vineyards of Washington, with your taste buds armed and ready to indulge. The Chelan Valley Wine Tour will take you [...]

“Become a Wine Connoisseur with an Eight Session Wine Class in Atlanta.” Let’s face it most of us go by the rule “white wine with white food (fish, chicken), red wine with red food (steaks, meats).” However, there’s so much more to know about wine that people don’t realize! This eight session Wine Course is [...]

“The Cheese is sure to Please while the Wine is quite Divine.” Hosted in the trendy city of Manhattan, this cheese and wine tasting experience is sure to please all one thousand taste buds! Hone your taste buds as you discover all there is to the world of cheese. Artisanal's instructors will broaden your knowledge [...]