On Foot

"Begin a workout of unparalleled experience. One that exercises soul, body, and mind." Everyone knows exercise is good for you, but who actually wants to do it? The heart racing heart attack feeling, the out of breath I just want to collapse already, the aching joints my leg my just break in half...yeah we've all been [...]

"Pack the Winter Gear and prepare for an experience of a lifetime as you climb the ice of Lee Vining Canyon." Located in northern California, Lee Vining Canyon is one of the most famed Ice Climbing locations in the North America. As you ascend the ice formations of Lee Vining Canyon, feel the rush as if you're climbing Mt. Everest! [...]

"Enjoy a guided cycling tour of San Diego's Coastline." Hop on your bike and get ready to pedal through San Diego’s most scenic areas with the San Diego Biking Tour! San Diego's year round perfect climate will have you soaking in the warmth of the sun as you take in some of San Diego's most [...]

"Appreciate the Natural Beauty of the California Coastline with the California Coast Cycling Tour." The California Coast Cycling Tour is one of the best ways to get out and see the gorgeous California Coastline. From sprawling vineyards to the stunning coastal highway, this experience gift will have your feet pedaling away and your heart racing for [...]

"Learn How to Experience the Best Mountain Bike Trails with Santa Cruz Mountain Biking." Have you always wanted to master the mountains? Mountain biking allows you to take in the beautiful mountain scenery while experiencing a heart pounding adrenaline rush! The Santa Cruz Mountain Biking course will have you tearing down the mountain side in [...]

"Put on your Hiking Boots and Enjoy a three hour Guided Hiking Tour of Sedona." This adventure travel tour will have your heart pumping and your eyes aching for more as you venture through the stunning views of the Red Rocks of Sedona One of the most famous formations of the Red Rocks of Sedona [...]

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