Dance Lessons

"Get a taste of the Caribbean and feel the passion as you learn How to Salsa!" Whether you're in it to Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha or Rumba, learning How to Salsa is a great experience! These saucy dances have inspired love, passion, and movement across continents. If you think you can handle the passion, then put on [...]

"Dare to learn the dance that has entranced mankind for centuries." Originating from Middle Eastern dance, this beautiful art has captured the souls of all who have dared to learn its stunning language.Contrary to popular belief, learning to Belly Dance takes more than rapid movement of the hips.  In many cultures Belly Dancing is considered [...]

"Rekindle the Passion and Dance the Night Away with Private Dance Lessons in San Diego." Dancing is one of the most sensual experiences between two people. Rekindle the passion, or just keep the fires blazing with these Private Dance Lessons in San Diego. Take your loved one for a night out on the dance floor [...]

"Make your First Dance a Spectacular Experience with these Wedding Dance Lessons in NYC." You have enough jitters on that big day, make it one less with Wedding Dance Lessons in Manhattan, New York City. Your dance lessons will take place at the world renowned Fred Astaire Dance Studio on Manhattan's Upper West Side, owned [...]

"Enjoy a Package of Twenty Dance Lessons and get ready to Dance the Night Away with Dance Lessons in Philadelphia." Whether you want to learn the art of dancing for the first time, or perfect your old talent, Dance Lessons in Philadelphia is the perfect experience gift to do just that! Our experienced dance instructors will [...]

"Learn how to dance with Adult Dance Lessons in NYC." An experience gift that not only benefits you, but also your loved one! Get ready to get your groove back on, and dance the night away at your next work party, reunion occasion, or wedding! Choose from one of our elaborate dance packages and learn [...]