Dining Cruise

"Cruise New York City in Style and see the city from a whole new angle with a NY Lunch Cruise." Prepare for a water adventure unlike any other! The NY Lunch Cruise will have you dining in style on the Hudson River as you traverse the waterways for an unparalleled sightseeing tour.  This dining cruise will provide you with [...]

"Indulge in a romantic getaway and delectable cuisine aboard the Last Vegas Gondola Dinner Cruise." Who would have thought you could be wining and dining out on the water in Las Vegas of all places! If you're tired of the sun burn and unending heat, enjoy a romantic dining experience out on the water. The Last [...]

"Lake Michigan: Home to an unparalleled Dining Experience." All aboard! Set foot on the Odyssey cruise line and prepare to take off on a dining experience unlike any other. Enjoy a delectable afternoon gliding through the sparkling waters of Lake Michigan. The Chicago Lunch Cruise will light up your senses as you enjoy mouth-water dishes, beautiful scenery, live entertainment [...]

"Prepare to be wined and dined as you gently glide through the sparkling waters of Erie Canal."Set off on a delightful New York dinner cruise, and begin a sight seeing adventure that will pleasure all five of your senses. Begin your sunset cruise aboard the magnificent Colonial Belle, the largest cruise boat that glides the [...]

"A romantic dining experience has been waiting for you out on the sparkling water and under the shimmering night sky." Prepare to be whisked away for a dining experience unlike any other. Step aboard the sleek Philadelphia Cruise Ship and enjoy a dining experience that can't be found on land. The Philadelphia Dinner Cruise will glide you [...]

"Glide through the the glistening waters of the Willamette River as you're wined and dined in Portland." Sail the crystal blue waters of Willamette River on your Portland Champagne Brunch Cruise. This Brunch Cruise for two will have you seeing the sights of Portland in the most entertaining fashion. Board your cruise line and prepare [...]

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