Whitewater Rafting

Are you on a budget, but you're looking for a way to escape this hot summer heat? Are you tired of breaking the bank on expensive experiences? If you're looking  for a cheap experience that packs on the fun then water tubing is the adventure for you! For a mere $15.00 you will be provided [...]

A day water tubing can be a day spent with friends, family, or both. After all, a day spent in North Carolina river tubing is what ever you make it! If you're part of the mid-twenty to thirty-somethings, a tubing experience might look something like this: Friends attempting to band together in a circle of [...]

A day spent in the New River water tubing is a day of pure relaxation. Is the hot summer sun starting to get to you? Are you craving an experience that will refresh you from the hot summer heat? Are you exhausted and looking for a way to relax after a hard week at work? [...]

Once upon a time the most leisurely activity of tubing evoked images of lazy rivers, tire inner tubes, folks in t-shirts and cutoff jeans, . . and the occasional 6-pack. No more. Witness our own "tubing in celebrity style" Experiences.com co-author (and soon to be graduate of UNC) Kelsey, displaying the latest in tubingwear, i.e., [...]

Experiences.com: Many people may not know enough to judge or care about the quality of your equipment. Tell us about your equipment and why it matters. Well maintained rafts and equipment are extremely important to a quality rafting operation.  Kern River Outfitters meticulously maintains a fleet of over 50 rafts, complete with oar frames, oars, life [...]

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