A Day with Friends Water Tubing

A day water tubing can be a day spent with friends, family, or both. After all, a day spent in North Carolina river tubing is what ever you make it!

If you’re part of the mid-twenty to thirty-somethings, a tubing experience might look something like this:

  • Friends attempting to band together in a circle of tubes
  • Attempts at organizing old college games
  • Water coolers floating down the river in their own tubes (optional: full of beers..and water!)
  • A day full of relaxing, laughter, and splashing

Now forty to fifty-somethings may scoff at the idea of any of these bullets, but that’s why it becomes a fun event for you and your friends. Added bonus- cheap water tubing!  Most water tubing places will rent you a raft, sign your life away, and drive you up the river for a mere $15.00. This typically includes a full day of tubing- up and down the river as many times as you’d like! In an average day, you can make it down the river tubing three times or more!

If you’re on a budget and looking for a cheap experience to enjoy with friends, then a day tubing in NC is the experience for you!