Tubing Down River In Style

Once upon a time the most leisurely activity of tubing evoked images of lazy rivers, tire inner tubes, folks in t-shirts and cutoff jeans, . . and the occasional 6-pack.

No more.

Witness our own “tubing in celebrity style” Experiences.com co-author (and soon to be graduate of UNC) Kelsey, displaying the latest in tubingwear, i.e., swimsuit, hat and shades as she prepares to set off on a day of leisurely river tubing with friends.

Of course, one must remember that tubing down a river, whilst a leisurely activity that MAY be conducted in style, eventually leads idle minds to plot actions that will break up the quiet, almost monotonous, relaxation of extended tubing trips . . . such as splash attacks, dunkings, and de-tubings. Therefore, when planning for a fashionable day of tubing downriver one should always keep in mind that moving bodies of water, sans the cruiseship, pose certain risks. Anything that can “fall off” – such as fashionable sunglasses, jewelery, loose sandals – will no doubt be lost forever once they come loose.

So, when planning a fashionable day of tubing, plan to wear the cheap fashionable sunglasses. (Those old enough to remember may recall that Jack Nicholson looked so good in a pair of “cheap sunglasses” that a song was even written about it.)

Sunscreen and wide brim hats are a great fasion idea for tubing trips, as day of tubing usually involves all day long exposure to full fun. Most hats can handle a bit of water. They also tend not to “sink like rocks” as do sunglasses. Extra wide hat brims are also a good idea since faces and shoulders tend to get the most exposure when tubing.

An old, well worn pair of sneakers is also good idea, as feet sometimes hit bottom, rocks and other submerged objects when tubing. The more worn out and ugly the sneakers are the better they will make every other accessory appear. Also, well worn sneakers may suggest that you are actually also the sporting type . . and not just a “tube potato”.

Tubing is the most excellent way to get your chill on, relax and hang out with friends. You can dress any way you like. There’s no dress code. Rugged casual – cut-off jeans and t-shirts – works best for ease of use and lack of concern, but if you just have to go in style . . . have fun.