Napa Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride

Napa Valley Hot Air Balloon Rides boast spectacular vineyard views, a warm California breeze, and a tranquil and educational experience. Take off on a calm early morning breeze and gently glide over the mountains and valleys of the west coast.

Napa Valley Balloons, Inc. has been in operation for over 28 years. Over the years the company has perfected the art and experience of hot air balloon rides, and today provides you with one of the best ballooning adventures on the west coast.

Before you begin your Napa Valley Ballooning experience you will take part in a pre-dawn check in. Here you will be able to indulge on a delicious Continental Breakfast of Coffee, pastries, cereal, fruit and juice. During your check in you will learn the ins and outs of ballooning with a brief pilot orientation. After your orientation you will be whisked away to the launch site where you will prepare for lift off!

Now it’s time to climb into your basket and prepare to take off on your Napa Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride. Soon your massive yet graceful hot air balloon will be gently lifted off the earth and taken toward the sunny California skies. Enjoy magnificent views of valleys, mountains, and vineyards as you fly gently through the sky at hundreds of feet above the ground. Throughout your Hot Air Balloon Ride your experienced pilot will point out extraordinary views of Napa Valley and fill you in on fun facts about this stunning valley.

After a one hour tour of the valley, your Hot Air Balloon will decent into a meadow of wild flowers. Once you’ve landed you can celebrate your memorable experience with a Champagne Breakfast where you can enjoy Napa Valley’s finest sparkling wines as you talk these memories that will last a lifetime.

photo by lyng883