Ace High Ballooning Central Tennessee Hot Air Balloon Ride In a few sentences, tell our readers the history and experience of Ace High Ballooning.

Bob Grimes, owner and founder of Ace High Ballooning became interested in ballooning in 1973 by living next door to the first world hot air balloon champion. After crewing and working to pay for his training he received his private and commercial ratings in 1977 Give us a profile or examples of the people or groups who have taken rides in your balloons during the past year.

People from all walks of life want to fly in a balloon. For most people it is a once in a lifetime experience. We have been hearing more people say that it is just something on their “bucket list.” Caution: Some people get bit by the ballooning bug and end up purchasing their own balloon. What are some of the favorite views or vistas from the basket of your balloon flights?

Here in the middle of Tennessee we have a wide array of views, country music stars home, rolling hills, many types of wildlife, deer, fox, hawks, etc. One of the most beautiful areas in the country for ballooning. Describe an amazing or special experience you have shared with your passengers during a flight.

Seems like we are doing more and more proposal flights, they are always special. When the air is really clear we got some amazing views of the Nashville skyline. Do you offer any “special rides” or “featured tours” during ballooning season? What do they feature?

We can customize flights for special requests. “Mile High” flights are possible and the pilot is very discreet. One of my personal favorite seasons is winter, much cooler, longer flights are possible due to better fuel consumption. It is not as cold as one might think because we fly with the wind, no wind chill factor. Fall is by far the most popular time to go ballooning with the foliage colors. Do you have special activities for your passengers, either before, after, or during flights?

After the flight we give a brief history of the sport, say the balloonist prayer and tell a few lies. Do features or activities of your balloon rides vary by season? How?

See above… What percentage of your balloon rides are given as “gifts” and how do gift recipients typically react?

Probably 50% are gifts with many of the flights coming as a surprise. I know, from experience, that wind and weather play a big role in whether balloon rides launch as scheduled and that everything is done to avoid inconvenience. However, if a flight has to be canceled on the day scheduled what earthly activities do you recommend in the general area of your balloon rides?

This area offers many activities; civil war tours, Arrington vineyards, Music City row, canoeing… Is there anything else you would like to tell folks about the ballooning experience or Ace High Ballooning?

We strive to give you a safe and memorable ballooning experience. Happy passengers and soft landings.

Thanks to Bob Grimes, owner of Ace High Ballooning, for this informative interview on Tennessee Hot Air Balloon Rides