Los Angeles Helicopter Tour

“Soar with the birds over sunny Los Angeles on a scenic aerial adventure.”

There are few things that rival Sunday Football. Then again, as riveting as some of the Sunday games are, there’s no experience that rivals waking up on a sunny California morning and preparing to soar through the sky holding the controls of a Robinson R22 helicopter!

Los Angeles Helicopter Tour will have you trying your hand at the controls of a Robinson R22 helicopter. Prepare to soar through the sky on your sightseeing adventure tour over some of the most beautiful terrain of California. As you call the shots, you’ll fly above the Los Angeles coast line and see sparkling city buildings in the distance.

Start your morning with 30 minutes of ground school, where you’ll learn the controls, aerodynamics, and gauges of the helicopter! Once you’ve learned to essentials and perform a pre-flight inspection, you’ll be fully prepared for a safe lift off.

Next, prepare for take off. Now that you know the basics, your flight lesson will take to the sky for a 30 minute aerial adventure. Sitting beside your trained flight instructor, you will take the controls and become the pilot of the Robinson R22 helicopter.

Take off into the clear blue sky as you experience straight and level flight, climbs, turns and descents, and hovering. This helicopter flight school experience will leave you with the skills and a appreciation of a true pilot.

photo credit: mccun934