San Jose Flight Training

“Learn to Fly with Hands on Experience at San Jose Flight Training.”

Get the bragging rights of saying “I’ve piloted a plane,” after thirty minutes at San Jose Flight Training. In less than an hour you’ll be soaring high above the ground with your hands on the controls of a Cessna 172 aircraft!

Your San Jose Flight Training will start off with a thirty minute on ground aviation instruction session. Although thirty minutes sounds short, this company prides itself on a 100% safety record, its pilots being accident free since start up. You’ll be trained by the best Certified Flight instructors around! Heck, if you’re going to be flying in less than thirty minutes, I’d want a professional flight instructor holding my back up controls!

After you’ve been briefed on the techniques and safety aspects of flying, your flight instructor will take you up in the Cessna 172 aircraft. Once you’re flying high your pilot will instruct you to take control of the plane from the left seat. With your personal controls, you will then begin soar through the sky having sole control of the helicopter!

Keep your eyes on the sky! While your adrenaline is rushing, make sure to glance out the window and get a panoramic view of the beautiful surrounding bay area. As your flight instructor takes back the controls and gently lands the helicopter, sit back and relish in the fact that you officially have piloting experience of a Cessna 172 aircraft.

This amazing experience combines the dream of flying with a chance to see some of the world’s most stunning views from the sky.

photo by Licht in Sicht