Skydive over the Florida Coastline with Skydive Sebastian Why do people choose to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

To experience one of the most exciting and visually stimulating sports where participation is available to the average individual. Every tandem skydiver enjoys an incredible departure from their daily routine. I’m curious, maybe even fascinated, by the idea of skydiving . . but I’m hesitant. What’s my next move, short of a jump?

Watch some of the video on our web site and find out if you feel the compulsion to experience your first tandem skydive.

Every skydiver must be 18 years of age regardless of parental consent. For those who aren’t old enough to experience a skydive, they might want to experience some time in a wind tunnel. A good suggestion for an underage enthusiast is a visit to the wind tunnel in Orlando Florida where he or she can experience and enjoy “human flight”. It is a lot of fun and increases their excitement and anticipation of their first skydive when they reach the age of 18. If I’m going to jump out of an airplane I want to know I’m harnessed into the best, state of the art equipment by the most qualified staff. What can you tell me about your company’s equipment and staff that would reassure me?

Our professional jumpmasters enjoy an experience level exceeding thousands of tandem skydives and our skydiving center has maintained one of the best safety records in the sport. Our professional and friendly staff will make your tandem skydive unforgettable!    They are seasoned instructors who know how to answer your questions and will go out of their way to be sure you enjoy everything about your first skydive. So, I’ve jumped once. If I stop at “only once” what am I missing?

Most people who experience their first tandem skydive want to try another. Many tandem skydivers repeat the experience with other friends and, after one or more tandem skydivers those who are compelled to make skydiving a part of their life enroll in the Accelerated Freefall Program to begin learning how to skydive with instructor supervision. The Accelerated Freefall Program equips novice skydivers with freefall and canopy control skills through a eight level program which entails direct-in-air jumpmaster supervision. Skydiving as a team building, character building or courage building experience? Have you seen it in action? What can you tell us?

When people experience their first tandem skydive it is fascinating to observe their varied reactions. Obviously, they are simultaneously excited and nervous. Most normal people experience a fascinating blend of fear and excitement  relating to the unknown when they are moved towards the airplane door and find themselves facing the open sky realizing they are actually about to do the “unthinkable”…willingly jump out of the aircraft a few miles above the earth.  The human mind is fascinating. Most tandem skydivers forget whatever fear they were feeling the instant their fate is consigned to the sky and the forces of gravity. They are commonly overwhelmed by how pleasant it feels to be flying through the sky seemingly floating on a cushion of air often with a skydiving videographer effortlessly smiling at them from a from a few feet away while he or she records the first time tandem skydivers experience. They are reminded that they are in freefall when the canopy is deployed and they find themselves floating under canopy thousands of feet above the earth and enjoying another breathtaking and relaxed view of the earth below while they quietly continue their descent to the earth below. When they return home they will no doubt watch the video of their experience many times recalling every detail of their amazing experience. A short paragraph can’t do justice to the depth and breadth of the visual and physical experience of your first skydive. You have to experience it to fully understand it. Do you offer skydiving experiences for more experienced or adventurous divers? What’s entailed?

Many experienced skydivers looking for a “destination” or a “home” drop zone choose Skydive Sebastian. They enjoy one of the best locations a skydiving center can ever hope for.    Our Skydiving Center is “actually” located on the Florida Coastline allowing our visiting skydivers to enjoy an incredible view of the Sebastian Inlet and the Atlantic Ocean while in freefall and under canopy as well as an enjoyable coastal environment after skydiving.

Our location on the Florida Coastline makes it possible for us to regularly offer both our licensed and tandem skydivers the option of skydiving to our nearby beach.

We catering to Skydivers from their first jump to the highest levels of proficiency in all skydiving disciplines.    Our Skydiving Facilities include a beautiful park-like setting spreading over 7 acres and include our main hanger, a spacious team building which includes complete bathroom and shower facilities and an on-site Restaurant and Tiki Hut for our post jumping Happy Hour activities. We host a number of skydiving events throughout our year long season many of which include après skydiving nighttime activities. The Staff at Skydive Sebastian is committed to making everyone feel at home around our DZ whether they are a first-time tandem skydiver, a recent Accelerated Freefall graduate, one of our regular experienced skydivers or a traveling skydiver spending a vacation at our Drop Zone.. Spring, summer or Fall jump? How is the experience different?

Skydiving in Florida is terrific all year long. Does your company offer skydiving “gift certificates”? How do most people react? Any funny stories or “happy endings” (beyond expectations) where a jump-gift changed someone’s life?

Gift Certificates are readily available on our web site. It is safe to say that every first time tandem skydiver has had a life changing experience each being as distinct as the individual personality of the first time skydiver. I know that weather and wind play a role in whether a scheduled jump takes place. If a jump has to be canceled on the scheduled day what other activities do you recommend in your jump area?

Our Skydiving Center is “actually” located on the Florida Coastline allowing our visiting skydivers an enjoyable coastal environment when they aren’t skydiving. Is there anything else you would like to share about the skydiving experience Skydive Sebastian?

View our Welcome Video here.

Special thanks to James Iannaccone, president of Skydive Sebastian, for completing this educational interview on skydiving over Florida.