Kern River White Water Rafting with Kern River Outfitters Many people may not know enough to judge or care about the quality of your equipment. Tell us about your equipment and why it matters. Well maintained rafts and equipment are extremely important to a quality rafting operation.  Kern River Outfitters meticulously maintains a fleet of over 50 rafts, complete with oar frames, oars, life … Read more

Florida Sky Diving with Skydive DeLand Why do people choose to jump out of a perfectly good airplane at Skydive DeLand? Firstly, there is no such thing as a perfectly good airplane – that is why they have safety belts! People generally choose to skydive as a way of experiencing something fun and crazy, totally out of the ordinary. … Read more

Gauley River West Virginia White Water Rafting with ACE Adventure Resort What are the project dates for ACE Adventure Resort Gauley River white water rafting season? Gauley Season Opening Day is Friday September 10, 2010.  Rafting days coincide with the Army Corps of Engineer’s release dates.  The last day of Gauley Season is Sunday October 18, 2010. What class rapids does your company run … Read more