Give Adventure Experience Gift Certificates for Christmas

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If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for Christmas keep in mind that many adventure experience companies offer gift certificates.

For example, Kern River Outfitters could schedule a trip if you call them. (You see a photo of one of their trips on this page. Looks like fun, eh? ;) )

ACE Adventure Resort – which interviewed this past summer about their white water rafting trips – offers adventure gift certificates “for any amount, any activity or occasion”. (Order by phone.)

The great variety of experience gifts – from “Spa days” to mountain biking and skydiving – makes it possible to find the perfect experience gift for anyone and everyone.

In the case of adventure experience gifts it’s necessary to match the adventure with the abilities or limiations of the gift’s recipient. Often, the best people to turn to for help in the making of that decision are the experts at the adventure experience company.

Often the only barrier between a person and their enjoyment a great adventure experience is someone taking the initiative.

I, for example, often wondered what it would be like to ride in a hot air balloon. I wondered about it and envisioned myself riding in a hotair balloon for years – but never took the next step. Then, one year I was greatly surprised to receive an envelope as my “Pollyanna” Christmas present. The thrill and joy of that gift has lasted, as a memory of a wonderful experience, for years.

So this holiday season, when you are making up a list of “gift ideas”, take a moment and ask yourself: Is there any “experience” – some form of life adventure – that this person you love or care for or admire might particularly enjoy?

Adventure experience gifts need not be expensive. Canoe or rafting trips are often modestly priced, some below $50 a person depending on length of trip and difficulty. Generally the longer or more technically complext or challenging the adventure – say, like needing an airplane to “jump out of” ;) – the more you should expect to pay.

A great way to start your shopping is to simply visit the websites of the adventure experience operators.

Who knows? If you do start down this path then the next thing you know you may also be booking a bit of an adventure for yourself.