Buying A Spa Day Gift Certificate

woman spa facial

Have you ever experienced a “spa day“? If so, are you ready, willing and able to enjoy another? ;)

If you have never enjoyed the pleasure of a spa day aren’t you just a little bit curious? Willing to learn what it takes?

I’ve seen spay days from the perspective of both genders, having seen my wife and her sisters luxuriate in the experience and once, to my pleasant surprise, having received a gift certificate for a spa day experience from my beloved. I can tell you that I have never heard anyone complain about a day spent being pampered.

Whatyou need to know about buying someone a gift certificate for day spa experience is that the menu – the choice of experience – can be tailored to person and price (in most locations).

A day spa experience isn’t usually a “timed event” so much as the time required for the experience will vary with the services you select.

Spa day services will often include:

  • Various forms of full or partial body massage
  • Various forms of facials
  • Various versions of pedicure and manicure
  • Hair care, including all manner of cuts, coloring and styling depending on the spa or salon
  • Wraps and aromatherapy
  • Waxing
  • Light meals and beverages

Just looking at the list you can begin to understand that a spa day gift certificate or gift card can cost anywhere from $75.00 to $300.00 or more “for the works”.

When buying spa day gift certificates you can leave the ultimate choice of services to the gift’s recipient, simply specifying the dollar amount or value of the gift certificate or gift card.

Of course, you need to give thought to the type of service you would like your friend or lover to receive and build that into the price. Want to give a gift of a massage? Be certain you know the price . . and possibly add something “for the tip”. Want to give a massage and facial gift? Do the math.

Lastly, consider explaining “the financial arrangement” by including a note with the gift certificate, saying something like “This spa day gift card will entitle you to a 1/2 hour massage and facial at (location) . . but you can choose other services from their menu, up to the value of the card. Be certain to ask about services and prices at the front desk.” (You can omit the note if your friend is spa day savvy enough to understand.)

My spa day story?

Well, being a rough and tough manly type I opted for the Swedish massage, a hair washing and cut(sans styling) . . and a manicure.

Manicure? For the manly man?

Honestly, I was a bit anxious. I mean, what if one of my manly manly buddies happened to drop in for a massage or haircut? But once the experience got rolling – which included a hand massage (ahhhhhh), nail trimming, cuticle work and polishing by buffing . . . wellll . . you know, the old say about you just don’t know what you’re missing until you try.

I know kinda get why women hang out in nail salons.

Would I do it again, including the manicure?

Maybe . . if someone gave me another spa day gift certificate . . for Christmas . . or Father’s Day . . or my birthday . . . (Hint Hint)