The Cost of a Memorable Experience Gift

skydiving together

“How much does a memorable experience cost?”

The answer is obvious to all who have lived a little.

“Not much”.

One of life’s most valuable lessons is that the best things are free.

So build on that lesson when thinking about giving an experience gift.

If it’s more than a trite saying that “the best things in life are free” then how much do you have to spend to give a memorable gift of experience? A so-called experience gift or the gift of an experience day or a family day out gift?

“Not much”.

In the running and rushing about of modern life it is more true than ever that one of the most precious and remembered gifts we give one another is the gift of our time and our personal attention and real care to one another.

You can gift a gift of yourself, your time, your care, your skills to someone in so many ways:

  • By cooking someone a special meal
  • By having someone join you in riding bikes on a sunny day when they haven’t ridden a bike in a long time
  • By simply lending a hand

The possibilities are as endless as your creativity, your imagination, your empathy, your kindness, your caring or even your sense of humor or adventure – hopefully shared with the recipient.

And remember that it’s often the sharing of an experience, not how much was spent, that makes for a truly enjoyable, wonderful and memorable experience.