Unwind on a River Canoeing Adventure

If you’re looking for a step up from lazy river tubing, and a step down from a white water rafting extravaganza, then river canoeing might be the right experience for you!

River canoeing provides an experience that is both relaxing and rejuvenating. Unwind on the slow currents of the river, or paddle hard to get your blood pumping- either way river canoeing provides a fun experience for all!

Some outdoor outfitters now offer inflatable canoes, which are great for comfort on long river rafting adventures. Canoeing experiences are relatively cheap experience ranging $20-40, depending on the duration of your trip, which can be anywhere from 4-15+ miles.

Most canoeing experiences are self-guided, allowing you to tour the river at your own pace.  If you’re looking for a longer outdoor adventure, consider taking a weekend trip. Many outdoor outfitters provide evening or weekend getaways, which allows you to take your time and enjoy the full experience of canoeing. These canoe trips typically have you camping out under the stars of a state forest!

If you’re looking to stay dry, yet still have an adventure while coasting down the relaxing river current, then consider booking your next river canoeing experience!