White Water Rafting with Canadian Rockies Rafting and Adventure Centre

Experiences.com: Many people may not know enough to judge or care about the quality of your equipment. Tell us about your equipment and why it matters.

Equipment is the foundation of any rafting trip.  As white water rafting does have a risk element to it, using quality and up to date equipment is of utmost importance.  Each guide is equipped with safety gear that they take with them in the raft, and each client is attired in a wet suit, life jacket, river boots, spray jacket and helmet.

Experiences.com: What are the project dates for Canadian Rockies Rafting & Adventure Centre white water rafting season?

Our rafting season runs from April to October on the Kananaskis River, and the Kicking Horse River and Bow River Horse Shoe Canyon run mid-May to beginning of September.

Experiences.com: What class rapids does your company run?

Kananaskis River: Class 2 and 3
Bow River Horseshoe Canyon: Class 3 and 4
Kicking Horse River: Class 3 and 4
Bow River Nature Float: Class 1

Describe your most popular family rafting experience.

Families with younger children love the Kananaskis River, as we can take ages 5 and up on that river.  It gives kids a great introduction to adventure sport, and is a fun family bonding experience.

Experiences.com: Describe your most challenging rafting experience.

The Kicking Horse River is a legend in itself.  Our guides who work on the Kicking Horse travel from all over the world for a chance to get on this river.  With the longest class 4 section of rapids of any river in the area, the Kicking Horse is a thrill seekers dream.  Departures from Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise every day.

Experiences.com: What water sports or outdoor activities do you offer?

Beyond white water rafting, we also have our Nature Float to enjoy the wildlife and scenery of the Canadian Rockies.  For those looking for white water adventure outside of the raft, we offer river boarding trips which gets you right into the meat of the rapid!  We also book for all other adventures in the area including caving, horse back riding, heli-tours, quad tours and ice walks.

Do you offer any unique adventures, or package deals?

We offer package deals with hotels, and as well deals with rafting and other adventure sports, for example we have a package with a helicopter ride, a quad tour and rafting on the Kananaskis River.

Experiences.com: Describe a particular memorable rafting experience.

Having people come back for bigger white water after going rafting for the first time is always great, because you know that you have helped to introduce them to something that they will continue to strive to experience for years to come.

Experiences.com: What are some favorite vistas or views on your routes?

The Horseshoe Canyon has been the filming site of many famous movies including ‘Legends of the Fall’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain’.  Beyond the naturally beautiful scenery along this river, people can also identify certain locations with scenes from these films.

Experiences.com: I’m anxious or hesitant to experience rafting rapids. What can you say to help calm my fears or concerns?

All of our raft guides are highly trained to deal with any situation that could possibly occur while rafting, and before you start on your trip we go over all the safety guidelines and deal with any concerns that clients may have.

Experiences.com: Please describe your view on the experience of White Water Rafting.

White Water Rafting opens the door to the world of adventure sport for those who have never tried it, and gives experienced thrill seekers a great ride and a chance to experience the beauty of the Canadian Rockies.

Special thanks to Erica from Canadian Rockies Rafting & Adventure Centre for this informative interview on white water rafting in Canada