Gauley River West Virginia White Water Rafting with ACE Adventure Resort What are the project dates for ACE Adventure Resort Gauley River white water rafting season?

Gauley Season Opening Day is Friday September 10, 2010.  Rafting days coincide with the Army Corps of Engineer’s release dates.  The last day of Gauley Season is Sunday October 18, 2010. What class rapids does your company run on the Gauley River?

Gauley Season has the best whitewater all year.  Rapids range from Class III – V+ on the 23-miles of churning Gauley hydraulics. Describe your most popular family rafting experience.

During fall Gauley season, the perfect trip from beginners and families would be on the Lower Gauley River.  Often considered a stepping stone to the Upper Gauley, it is by no means tame.  This trip combines spectacular scenery with amazing whitewater excitement.  This is our most challenging trip recommended for first-timers and has a minimum age of 12 to give our younger enthusiasts a crack at that Gauley adrenaline. Do you offer any unique adventures, or package deals?

Triple Play Whitewater Weekend: This package is for the gung-ho adventurer in all of us.  Three trips in three days gives you a comprehensive view of what makes ACE Adventure Resort tick.  Start out on the Lower New River, the “Grand Canyon of the East,” for great rapids and amazing scenery.  On day two, the Lower Gauley guarantees dozens of rapids and continuous whitewater.  We save the best for last on day three with the Upper Gauley “Beast of the East.”  Big water and Class V+ rapids bring your adventure to an unforgettable crescendo.

Reverse Riverside Overnight: ACE’s Reverse Riverside Overnight is the perfect way to experience the Gauley River and get away from it all.  Begin your adventure on the giant wave-trains on the Lower Gauley.  You will camp that night at ACE’s private camp site and enjoy a delicious campfire dinner – grilled nachos, steaks and s’mores .  Wake up the next morning to a great breakfast and hit the water to conquer the Upper Gauley. What are some favorite vistas or views on the Gauley River?

By far, it would be Sweet’s Falls, ACE’s private lunch site.  All of our guests enjoy a hot-grilled lunch while watching other rafts go over the 14-foot waterfall.  Take a front row seat for some true Gauley theater.

Special thanks to Scott Perdue from ACE Adventure Resort for completing this informative interview