Kern River White Water Rafting with Kern River Outfitters Many people may not know enough to judge or care about the quality of your equipment. Tell us about your equipment and why it matters.

Well maintained rafts and equipment are extremely important to a quality rafting operation.  Kern River Outfitters meticulously maintains a fleet of over 50 rafts, complete with oar frames, oars, life jackets and paddles as well as a fleet of vehicles necessary to transport our guests to and from the river.

Well maintained and frequently updated equipment reflects our commitment to provide the highest quality river trips for our valued guests. What are the project dates Kern River Outfitters white water rafting season?

Kern River Outfitters runs the Upper and Forks of the Kern from mid-April through July and the Lower Kern from mid-May through mid-September. What class rapids does your company run?

We run the entire length of the Kern River including a Three Day Class 5 run on the Forks of the Kern,  a one day Class 4 Upper Kern Trip, and a Two Day Class 3 and 4 overnight on the Lower Kern River. Describe your most popular family rafting experience.

Our most popular family rafting experience is our Two Day Lower Kern trip. Describe your most challenging rafting experience.

Our Three Day, Class 5 Forks of the Kern run is a world class river trip  containing countless challenging rapids. What water sports or outdoor activities do you offer?

We specialize in professional rafting trips on the Kern River, but also run trips on the Rogue River in Oregon and the Main and Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho. Do you offer any unique adventures, or package deals?

We offer a One Day Class 5 trip called the “Thunder Run” on the Upper Kern in May and June.  Both the Thunder Run and the Forks of the Kern are unique in that they provide our guests with the best Class 5 rapids in the state of California. Describe a particular memorable rafting experience.

The Three Day Forks of the Kern is always a memorable experience.  The Kern River on the Forks flows through a granite gorge lined with cedar, alder and ponderosa pines, and offers fabulous side-hikes to beautiful waterfalls and a natural water slide our guests find irresistible. What are some favorite vistas or views on your routes?

The Needles, a group of 9,000ft granite spires are breathtaking sight for our Forks guests.  Giant Sequoia trees are a favorite stop.  Dramatic Indian Pictographs and “Buffalo Rock” are two highlights on the Lower Kern Two Day trips. I’m anxious or hesitant to experience rafting rapids. What can you say to help calm my fears or concerns?

Our guide staff is a highly trained, professional group of men and women who love the outdoors and sharing the experience of whitewater rafting with our guests.  They are carefully selected for their outgoing, engaging personalities and attention to the fine details of running professional river trips.  The are extremely competent and comfortable talking guests of all walks of life and experience levels on our rafting trips. Please describe your view on the experience of White Water Rafting.

Professionally guided Whitewater rafting trips offer people the opportunity to experience the beauty of the outdoors in a setting that is fun, adventurous, and exciting.  People who run trips with us leave with a renewed vigor for the challenges in their daily lives.  Whitewater rafting trips truly offer folks the opportunity to re-create themselves in one of nature’s most beautiful settings.

Special thanks to Luther Stephens, general manager of Kern River Outfitters, for completing this informative interview.